During the Mid-Autumn Festival, while other children were taken out by their parents and could join jubilant festivals, the festive vibe still could not reach pediatric patients in hospitals. They were surrounded by white bandages, infusion lines, and worries. And that's why BIM Group decided to accompany to organize the gala "Full Moon Festival Night" of the program "Mid-Autumn Festival, Festival of Sharing" for children at Viet Duc Hospital - Hanoi last night, September 9, 2022. The activity is part of the BIM Care 2022 program.

In addition to organizing the "Full Moon Night" and giving gifts to the children at Viet Duc Hospital, BIM Group also sponsored 500 gifts and joined the Vietnam Youth Association Club to visit and give gifts at Ha Noi General Hospital Ha Dong, Tan Trieu K Hospital with the desire to bring the children a happy and warm festival season. 

This is a continuation of the BIM Care program series, which has become a BIM Group's tradition to spread care to disadvantaged children. More importantly, it was the BIM Group's officers and employees who actually participated in the activity.

From the afternoon of September 7, BIMers gathered up to prepare and wrap gifts for the children. Each gift is worth 200,000 VND with milk, mooncakes, toys such as star-shaped lanterns, drums, crayons, notebooks, etc. so they can have fun during their hospital stay.

Although the volunteer unit - Young Volunteer Club has students who are willing to assist in packing and transporting gifts to places where they need to be donated, BIMers, with the spirit of sharing and the desire to carry out the activity of this heartwarming action, decided to take the time and prepare them together. 

On the morning of September 9, the gifts were delivered to Ha Dong Hospital, Tan Trieu K Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital, and the gift assembly point of the Organizing Committee.

The "Full Moon for You" program at Ha Dong hospital took place in harmony and closeness. Star-shaped lanterns were installed right at the event, successfully raising interest in the children.

At Tan Trieu K Hospital, due to the peculiarity of the pediatric patients, the organizers only met and gave gifts to the representatives of the children and their families at the Department of Social Work. However, this is also the most heart-touching moment of the whole program, because many of their cases are grave, most of which have been treated for many years. In addition to the gifts from BIM Group, the teddy bears of the volunteer unit also made the children’s day. 

The ceremony "The Night of the Full Moon Festival" - "The Mid-Autumn Festival - The New Year of Sharing" was held at Viet Duc Hospital - Hanoi in the evening with the participation of Uncle Phan Dien - Former Member of the Politburo, Executive Secretary of CPV Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Disaster Prevention Support Fund, together with leaders of the Central Youth Union, Hanoi City, and Miss Do Thi Ha. On the side of BIM Group, Ms. Pham Thu Hang - Human Resources Director of the Group, representatives of the Executive Committee of the Trade Union, the Marcom Board and BIM’s employees also participated in this activity.

Before the official gala in the hospital yard, the Organizing Committee went to each pediatric room and gave gifts to the children who could not move to participate in the program.

Uncle Phan Dien - Former Politburo member, Executive Secretary of CPV Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Disaster Prevention Support Fund and Miss Do Thi Ha gave gifts to children at Viet Duc Hospital

Children's joy when receiving gifts

The gala "Mid-Autumn Festival - Festival of sharing" then took place at the yard of Viet Duc Hospital, attracting hundreds of children and parents to participate with vibrant performances of young dancers from the Sao Viet club and an exciting lion dance show. The program really brought joy to the pediatric patients at Viet Duc Hospital.

The gifts were given to representatives of pediatric patients and their families

This year's BIM Group's Mid-Autumn Festival activity, with the cooperation of BIMers, continues to be a brilliant success, bringing joy to hundreds of children and helping them have a complete and happy Mid-autumn Festival, and spreading the humane spirit the of BIM Care program.


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