There is a fine art motif on the special touches of the Regent Phu Quoc resort that proves the exclusive criterion that has become the class of the Regent brand for more than half a century: the King's Well vignette. 

Unique value forms a half-of-century brand 

Robert H. Burns, the founder of the Regent brand once famously said: “The key to our reputation is luxury and the only thing in common within Regent hotels globally is exclusivity. ". The proof of that declaration is 20 luxury hotels, resorts, and yachts on almost every continent in the world that have been named Regent in a long history of more than 50 years of establishment and development.

Exclusive luxury is the secret of the Regent brand for more than half a century old

Each Regent hotel or resort is built over a quite long period of time by very high standard requirements. In particular, the criterion of originality requires a lot of time, effort, and creativity in architectural design, iconic furniture, and special art materials. Accordingly, when developing a building in a new destination, Regent will exploit typical local traditional materials combined with a contemporary spirit to inspire a new generation of high-class tourists but still has lasting aesthetic value. 

Therefore, when put into operation, each Regent project has become a new symbol in the place where it is located and changes the face of the luxury hotel segment in each historical period. 

In 2018, IHG Group officially announced the acquisition of Regent Hotels & Resorts and positioned this brand in the group's highest-end segment.

King’s Well – the inspiration for the design of Regent Phu Quoc

In April 2022, the 6-star Regent Phu Quoc resort officially came into operation. The resort is located in Phu Quoc Marina tourist complex invested by BIM Land, a member of BIM Group. This is also BIM Land's third cooperation with IHG in developing Vietnam's leading luxury resort real estate projects. Regent Phu Quoc has excellently continued the values ​​that have created the "legendary" brand of the world's luxury hotel industry with motifs imbued with Phu Quoc – King’s Well vignette.

Right at the early stages of finding architectural inspiration for the project, Regent's experts and artists built a "database" of traditional Phu Quoc materials. From items associated with people's lives and specialties of Phu Quoc to the typical customs and legends of the island. In the process, the legend of King’s Well left a strong impression and became an interesting inspiration for the resort's "creative theme".

Legend has it that when Lord Nguyen Anh was cornered by the Tay Son army in Phu Quoc, the food and fresh water were exhausted, and the army's morale faltered. Amid an extremely difficult situation, Lord Nguyen stuck his sword in his hand into the rock and said: "If God still allows me to be a king, please give me fresh water and food!" Saying that, where the tip of the sword pierced the cracked rock, fresh water gushed out from the crack. At the same time, there is a species of small fish floating on the sea surface innumerable, providing a food supply for the army. That kind of fish is anchovy. Lord Nguyen decided to temporarily take refuge in Phu Quoc to recover his forces and then returned to the mainland, defeating the Tay Son Dynasty. Lord Nguyen ascended to the throne in 1802 and became King Gia Long, the king who had the merit of expanding our country with a large land from Nam Quan pass to Ca Mau cape.

The place where Nguyen Anh put his sword in the past became a small well and had fresh water all year round. People in the area erected a memorial stele and called this well “Tien” or well “Ngu”, King’s well, located in An Thoi town. Fresh water and anchovies have since become symbols of luck, of divine blessings, besides pearls and pepper, the perennial specialties of Phu Quoc. 

The legend of King's Well contains the story of an open period of Vietnam in history, associated with a king who is respected by the people and carries a message of luck and potential of the island known as the Pearl Island.

Saddo - Romanian contemporary artist, in the process of creating the King's Well vignette

To retell the story of hundreds of years old but still convey the inspiration and message of the land to the guests who will come to Phu Quoc and choose to stay at Regent, the legend of King's Well is recreated by contemporary painting through the unique style of artist Saddo – a Romanian contemporary painter. 

Saddo is the pseudonym of Raul Oprea, who has had many exhibitions around the world such as in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Denmark. Saddo is known for his style of combining illustration with street painting and his unique use of color and style. He loves drawing about nature and materials, and stories associated with the native traditions around the world. And the legend of King's Well has strongly inspired him to tell the story in the language of contemporary painting. 

The King's Well motif contains typical images of Phu Quoc and long-standing legends. Those are ocean waves, the image of Lord Nguyen sticking his sword into the rock, fresh water flowing, anchovies, besides the icon of black pepper and Phu Quoc pearls. The artist's own color scheme and brushstrokes breathe life into the animation, conveying the message of luck and abundance. 

Coming to Regent Phu Quoc, you will see the King's Well motif incorporated into the special touches of the resort. This work of art is not only imbued with the artist's artistic sophistication, and inspiration but once again demonstrates the unique spirit associated with the Regent brand for more than half a century.


On the morning of March 10, at the the Leading Real Estate Brands Honor Ceremony in 2022-23 and the 3rd Spring Real Estate Forum on March 10 organized Viet Nam Real Estate E-Magazine (Reatimes) and Viet Nam Institute of Real Estate Research (VIRES), BIM Land was honored in two award...


Choosing Phu Quoc as the destination for this famous event, BIM Group and the organizers wish to promote the image of a dynamic and inspiring pearl island.


Real estate investors are paying attention to the introduction event of the final collection of resort villas under the Sailing Club Residences Ha Long Bay project.