Posted Date November 11, 2022

As a sustainable multi-industry corporation, BIM Group is included in the list of Vietnamese organizations with attractive Employer Brand, according to the survey results from more than 57,000 employees published by Anphabe on the evening of Nov 9, 2022.

Building an inspirational working environment overcomes Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic had significant impacts on the tourism and service industries, reduced individual and social demand, and resulted in a local disruption of the worldwide supply chain. BIM Group, which focuses on four sectors—real estate, renewable energy, agriculture and food, and consumer services—has demonstrated the stability of its foundation by recording an average growth in profit after tax of 20% throughout the three years from 2019 to 2021. This stability is partly attributed to the company's strategy for emerging markets like renewable energy.

According to Anphabe, an organization specializing in surveying and measuring the attractiveness of Employer Brand and the working environment, one of the unique features of BIM Group is that this business has made good use of the disruption of the pandemic for building an inspiring working environment. A survey conducted by Anphabe shows that BIM Group has actively faced difficulties with a series of initiatives and welfare policies focusing on humans - the most essential resource. 

To assure the continuation of production and commercial operations, BIM Group built a system of thorough and adaptable welfare policies, which included continuously creating an employee training program on health and safety during the peak time of the pandemic; medical staffs is on call around-the-clock for emergency assistance; and technology system upgrades allow for diversified and flexible remote working.

Not only proactively preventing the epidemic and stabilizing the welfare for employees, but BIM Group also launched a social program called BIM Care with the participation of more than 5,000 employees in Vietnam and Laos, focusing on supporting the two urgent needs of food and medicine for the southern region. According to Anphabe's survey, this program has enhanced the solidarity and cohesion of employees in different fields of BIM.

BIM Group joins hands to implement the project OxyMap - supply voluntarily oxygen for the community in the districts of Ho Chi Minh City during the peak Covid-19 epidemic in 2021 

Human - The core factor for business development

Recruiting high-quality human resources is always being considered as a key factor to achieve business's goals.

In addition to welcoming both domestic and international talent, BIM Group is renowned as an organization that actively develops young staff by providing job opportunities for post-graduates and putting in place training for students to take part in internships in all of the company's fields, as demonstrated by regular collaboration with universities. 

In May 2022, BIM Group cooperated with Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry and received more than 40 students to practice in aquaculture units and zones of the enterprise. Internship students with good results will be suggested to maintain their jobs, continue to improve their knowledge and build a foundation for their future careers. 

With all the destinations that BIM has been investing in, the use of local labor is highly prioritized. 90% of employees at BIM Group's 3 salt factories located in Ninh Thuan are local workers, including Cham ethnic workers living here.

BIM Group creates jobs for 90% of local workers at 3 salt factories in Ninh Thuan 

In addition to promoting innovation and responding to the changes in the labor market, BIM Group also focuses on building compensation, recognizing each individual's efforts to create motivation for employees, increasing competitiveness in attracting talent at the same time.

 Many courses to improve skills, expertise and professionalism are also continuously developed, creating opportunities for staff to improve their qualifications, and setting a clear career path. These can be mentioned as Improving team-working capacity courses, Improving middle-level management capacity courses… 

Many courses to improve skills, expertise and professionalism are also continuously developed by BIM Group's leadership

Participating in the list of Vietnamese organizations with Attractive Employer Brand 2022, BIM Group has shown its effective and sustainable efforts not only in business development but also in managing human resource and attracting talent strategies.

Top 50 attractive employer brand 2022 is an award evaluated based on a survey of more than 57,000 employees conducted by Anphabe. The five stages of talent attraction—awareness, curiosity, readiness to apply, desire, and priority—are used to determine each employer brand's ranking.



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